Aron Scott Earthquake originally formed in 2014 as a recording project. The release of the self-titled debut album brought airplay in Canada, the US, the UK and Australia. The debut album was also featured in Fireworks Magazine and received positive album reviews.

With a lineup adjustment the live band was born and played many venues on the east coast including some festival gigs. In 2016 they played a showcase at Music PEI’s “May Run” showcases and released their first video for Cosmic Hog.

The band had a successful year in 2017 playing new venues, such as the Maritime Metal and Hard Rock Festival while also opening for larger acts such as April Wine and Finger Eleven at the Rock The Boat Music Festival.

2018 brought the release of multiple videos, a return to the Maritime Metal and Hard Rock festival, Riverfest, new venues and finally the release of the sophomore album “Rager”!